UFO Sighting in Oakland, California on 2017-08-02 21:33:00 – Red and white blinking lights then turned blue .Looked like it was searching for something then landed at water and power plant field .The plant is fenced off with barbed wire.

I was out side my house talking with my bro in law who is a ufo skeptic.It was 933 pm on aug-2-2017.He started going crazy saying look look.So i did and i said get your camera going i started snapping shots i took a quick video and he got a video as well. so we witnessed this craft blinking red and then white lights kind of like a helicopter but moved erratically or sunddenly fast then stop then slowely moved back other way .I started waveing my arms and then the thing turned blue just blue not blinking but a slight glow and it moved a cross a small area steady then back and landed like apollo on the moon.In my video im saying look it changed to blue but the object is still red and white blinkin lights after the fact. so there is a strange anomaly.Also theres a slight pic of my face and i wasnt behind a window or there was nothing to reflect my image back.I was fliming over a fence in open air. after zooming in on pics i can see two alien heads with eyes looking towards us.And another pic zoomed in looks like a et straight out of the et movie slightly layed back flying this craft.Also a couple months ago i witnessed a red orb alot closer flying over the park and it moved crazy zig zag patterns .I tryed to snap shots but my camera would not snap the pics.It was frozen.I turned back and told my brother in law look look he said i was crazy and i looked back it was far away little red dot. and no one believed me until aug 2 when he showed me to look in the sky and we were amazed at what we saw and after zooming in pics even more amazed.My brother in law is not a skeptic anymore. i was excited and would love to make contact.Im very interested in them.

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