UFO Sighting in Santa Rosa, California on 2017-08-07 21:30:00 – Row of 3/4 bright lights color and direction changed glowed intense then died down …Changed yellow and dimmed

Drove to 7/11 to get ice cream for my daughter when saw people crossing the intersection looking up, i followed their glance up and north facing over and passed the mcdonald’s and shell station. i saw what appeared to be 3 to 4 lights that were similar in design to the type you see on trucks turning from a pale yellow to green to bright green and when it started to turn brighter that’s when it seemed to go from 3 big lights to 4. i went to park saw that cars seemed to be coming so pulled into union hotel parking lot to see it start heading south not quite over head parked , looked and it was gone. i walked the sidewalk back to the intersection to look south and was no where to be seen or the people crossing the intersection because i wanted to ask them if they saw that too. the time was approximately 930pm. from when i first saw it, it appeared to be given but then my car was stopped and i could see it moving east behind my driver side pillar beam frame. at this point it was a pale yellow box t then seemed to be turning and stared changing lights to a bright green which were separated and gave each their own circular depth/body in to headlights. seemed to most at it’s brightest and biggest to mimic a lego strip on its side. i opened the app ,”what’s above me ” and there was nothing for my area… however i do admit that it could’ve been that it simply hadn’t finished loading…I was staring a the sky not my phone. i did notice that despite my phone being plugged into my anker portable battery charger my phone battery was to low for camera/video and even died.

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