UFO Sighting in Sunrise beach, Texas on 2016-07-25 19:42:00 – could not believe what i saw for a brief second so i went back and found it in the video

i was at sunrise beach taking off in my powered paraglider called the green eagle and i never saw it at first until i was up in the air around 300 feet then i saw a round cylinder disc shaped object in the sky to my east briefly out of the corner of my eye, i saw it but i was being pulled to my left because of the airflow so i continue to go left where the ufo was no longer in my vision after i completed my circle in the sky to aim back towards it i no longer saw it there anymore so i continued to go in that direction and check it out but nothing was in the sky anymore after i landed and checked the video i discovered my fly 360 video picked it up and i currently have it on video right now !

in the video you will see the object ifo at second counter 29 to 48

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