UFO Sighting in Utah on 2017-07-12 00:00:00 – Intution led pictures taken

1st picture
1. was observing the salt lake
2. i didnt’ notice it, but intuition led me to take a picture
3. unsure i had captured anything
4. unsure
5. i felt something was in front of me and my intuition told me to take a picture, was only when i got back home and downloaded the picture, i realized what i had captured

2nd picture was a day later when intuition kicked in again and i took this picture, again it wasnt until i got home i realized what i had captured.
main two objects just above bright white cloud, two very clear objects, one appears to be emitting smoke.
there is a number of other anomolies in the sky, the truck on left in line with the back of the truck and small way up a silver disc seen at 324% zoom.
the truck on the right if you go straight up from the middle of the cab, just below mountain there is 3 silver objects stacked one above the other.

pics 3,4 & 5 where on different days, pinkish one seen in a few different pictures on different days.

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