Black Triangle Sighting in Manchester, Connecticut on 2017-08-09 23:00:00 – 2 bright lights and a 3rd faint light made it appear triangular. approached fast. slowed when i took pic!

I was walking my dog on the sidewalk next to my apartment building. i noticed 2 bright little lights moving in unison, steadily. it was prob moving faster than it appeared bc it was high in the sky. it was a clear night with a full moon so i was already looking up admiring the stars, so it caught my eye from afar. approaching from the south headed ne straight towards where i was. i grabbed my phone to take a pic. i accidentally turned on the flashlight and it started to slow down and appeared to descend bc the 2 light became brighter and bigger. that’s when i noticed the 3rd light that gave it it’s triangular form. i became frantic as it neared closer. i stopped looking at it, staring at the ground thinking if they don’t think i see them i’ll be safe. ive never felt such real fear in my life. when i looked back up, still in sight it had just passed over me continuing course. i never used the video camera on my new phone and was freaking out trying to figure out how to use it. realizing it was seconds from being out of sight, i took a pic to try and get anything. it was gone within seconds after over the tree line. i stayed outside for another 2 hours, now knowing how to use my video camera, but that was it. nothing after.

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