UFO Sighting in Wichita Falls, Texas on 2017-07-27 20:32:00 – Saw what looked like plane in cloud formation, but could not tell if going up or down

I was at work in se part of county. i and coworkef were escorting patients back to unit from an evening function when we saw a crescent shaped thing in a cloud formation to the nw, looked like the moon, but knew the moon in another direction. no one could agree if this thing was going up or down. my co-worker said he was going to take pictures, but kept walking. i took my phone and took a photo at normal lens and 2 more in zoom more. we walked back onto unit and an rn said it was an alien ship. i initially did not agree, but by definition it was something no one could identify (ufo). i kept looking at the photos and yesterday finally went to local tv station to rule out a meteorological event. the weatherman busy, so sent email with photos. i had to first bluetooth photos from phone to ipad, then sent them. i then looked at the photos again and saw 4 black objects above (3 close togegher and the other a little to left) the crescent shaped moon on the bigger screen of ipad. the weatherman responded with description of whole cloud formation, rather than commenting on specific details asked about. i did not see red/green lights like a net and the object seemed to have a shape/form around what could be called the crescent shaped light. it had black dots, less visible transluscent dots and maybe even some whit dots on other side. idk what it is, but look at pictures. again, the first picture taken with normal lens and contains: crescent shaped thing that is lit up with 4 kther objects above it; the other 2 taken with zoom lens and shows from withi, the light. i only took 3 pictures, all at 832pm, as we had to escort clients back to unit, but am very intrigued by what i did capture.

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