UFO Sighting in Occidental, California on 2011-09-15 00:00:00 – Two lights which appeared like planes flying in circles around each other.

I was visiting a friend’s house and was outside keeping my smoker friends company. not a smoker and with nothing to do i was staring at the stars. the stars up in the mountains are so much brighter. i noticed an orangish light that was moving. i first thought it was a plane but then it changed directions and flew in circles, sometimes making figure eights. i then noticed the other one that was similar i’m appearance. i asked for my number frnds to look and for my husband to come outside. they all verified they were seeing the same. after what i think was about 20 minutes the objects started to fade. once they were gone i saw nothing else.

sometime later a unmarked police vehicle with lights but no sure and a large suv blew by on joy road. i have no idea if that had anything to do with anything, but it was unusual for the area.

i am a skeptic. before this i was a closed sketic, the type that rolls their eyes at the mention of aliens beyond movies and tv. now i’m not so sure.

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