UFO Sighting in Silverton, Idaho on 2017-08-10 06:00:00 – Once again vistied, this time there may have been a physical contact

I had gone to bed at around 2 in the morning. when i woke up i was standing in the middle of my room with my cloths turned inside out and there was a fading blue/white light coming in from my window. my dog that i had gone to bed with was in her carrier and the door was closed and locked. i went back to bed thinking that it was just sleep walking and nothing more. i woke up around 7:30 am and was feeling like i hadn’t slept all night. i also noticed that even though it was between 60 and 65 degrees in my room i was sweating like it was over 90 and i was feeling extremely nauseous. i took 3 steps away from my bed and felt something in my left knee shift before i experienced the worst pain i have ever felt before. i have been shot in the past and that’s exactly what it felt like. since then my left knee has been hurting all day without relief.

after the incident when i first work up i heard a pulsating buzzing sound that seemed to diminish as the light faded outside. i previously filed a report about entities in my bedroom both here in silverton, id (case #: 70020) as well as in spokane valley, wa (case #s: 55319, 55910) when i lived there.

at this point in time i am thinking about getting a motion activated ir game camera and using it in my room for a couple nights to a week to see if i’m able to catch any of this on camera for hard evidence.

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