UFO Sighting in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin on 2017-07-04 00:00:00 – Saw pulsating object slowly flying over treetops about 100-500 ft above

My girlfriend and i in wisconsin dells,wi over the fourth for vacation. at around 8;30pm went mini golfing. close to 9pm i happened to glance up and observe a pulsating orangish object slowly flying over treetops about 100-500 feet above. i fumbled with my phone to take video and girlfriend also witnessed object. i managed to capture a minute or so of the object until the camera could no longer focus on it. after which time it had gotten to a more lighted portion of the sky and i could make out a definite structure that was not lit. about 2-5 min. after i could no longer see it a helicopter appeared, taking the same tack and flying in the same direction. however i did not record that.

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