Google Books: U.S. Government UFO Document Presented In the Book, The UFO Cover-Up: What the Government Won’t Say

Date: 23 November 1973
(U.S.Army, Washington, D.C.)
Quote from the document:
SUBJECT: Near Midair Collision with UFO Report
1. On 18 October 1973 at 2305 hours in the vicinity of Mansfield, Ohio, Army Helicopter 68-15444 assigned to Cleveland USARFFAC encountered a near midair collision with a (an) unidentified flying object. Four crewmembers assigned to the Cleveland USARFFAC for flying proficiency were on AFTP status when this incident occurred. The flight crew assigned was CPT Lawrence J. Coyne, Pilot in Command. 1LT Arrigo Jezzi, Copilot, SSG Robert Yanacsek, Crew Chief, SSG John Healey, Flight Medic. All the above personnel are members of the 316th MED DET (HEL AMB), a tenant reserve unit of the Cleveland USARFFAC.
3. This report has been read and attested to by the crewmembers of the aircraft with signatures acknowledgeing this report.”
The document can be found on Page 239.
The book is written by Lawrence A. Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood.
Wikipedia article: “United States Army”:

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Satellite photo of Mansfield, Ohio(
( photo)

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