UFO Sighting in Georgetown, South Carolina on 2017-07-24 06:20:00 – 2 white lights appeared in the sky. they both made sharp directional changes. one went south the other went north.. they came together then flew off to the ne

I was driving to work on us 17 south bound. 2 white lights flying together appeared in the sky. they were round circles of bright white light. from where i was to where they were in the sky they were about the size of a penny. in unison they flew n towards me. in sharp movements they both traveled e then back. one went s, the other flew n for a little distance. the the one that flew n stopped and waited for the other to join it and they both flew east towards the ocean! i lost sight of them when they flew behind a line of trees.
i knew that i had just seen ufos! i know they’re out there! i was just happy to have seen one! because i was driving, i didn’t have access to my phone to take photos!!

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