UFO Sighting in Rio Grande, Ohio on 2017-08-10 22:30:00 – Pulsating lights changing color and direction. seemed to be interacting with each other. silent.

Me and one of my employees were talking when i noticed the lights. the lights were over a quiet country area, wooded and fields of livestock. farmland. took place close to (over) bob evans farms (original farm location) these lights made no sound and seemed to interact with each other. they also changed color and direction. i started filming and filmed until my phone died which taking the video drained my battery much faster than normal. after my phone died i went to the area the lights were (they disappeared soon after my phone died) to investigate whether or not someone may have been flying drones or something and there was nobody in sight. it was actually eerily quiet and a thick fog had rolled in right before this incident took place. i’d also like to note this isn’t the first ufo i’ve observed in the area. me and another one of my workers observed a glowing red ball of light that got brighter and bigger as if it were coming towards us and then stopped and stayed there a few seconds before getting smaller and smaller until it was gone, as if it was traveling away from us. my wife observed something in the sky that was blinking several different colors on another occasion. red, blue, green, white and it was stationary. this area seems to be very active!!

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