UFO Sighting in Vandalia, Ohio on 2017-08-09 06:06:00 – Bright white object to ne at sunrise

I was walking outside to put mail in the mailbox on the morning of august 9, 2017, it was beginning to get brighter outside (sunrise at 6:43 am that day). there were no stars visible but i thought the color of the sky was a pretty color, so i looked up. i saw this bright, brilliant white “spot” in the sky. it looked like a star or a planet, just larger, brighter, and lower. i initially thought it was an airplane, so watched it for about a minute waiting to see if the usual flashing lights became visible or it began to grow larger, and when neither of these things happened, i thought it was most likely a planet (i thought this because it was so bright and large when compared to stars). but, it was the only “spot” of light i could see in the sky at the time. there were no other stars or planets visible, so i took a few photos with the camera of my mobile phone and thought i’d look at the photos later on and try to figure out what planet it was.

that night, i looked at the camera roll on my phone and these are the photos that i’d taken, all within seconds of each other. since it didn’t look like a star or a planet or a plane, i decided to report this, especially since several other photos of similar objects (or objects which, at some point, what appeared similar to this one) from different individuals using different cameras have been seen from the same location in the past month (also reported to mufon).

i never saw it move or vary in intensity. it appeared stationary and unchanging but quite bright.

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