Black Triangle Sighting in Visalia, California on 2017-08-12 20:30:00 – Within the 2hrs seeing satellites, airplanes light then suddenly catching different lights striking throughout the sky, followed by sightings of 2 different objects and more strange lights.

Laying out in the backyard about 830pm watching the night sky. first noticing satellites travelling, flickering of airplanes flying over when out of nowhere a streak of bright light appears catching our full attention. we then also notice a slow moving light heading northeast and disappearing out of nowhere, and reappearing a few minutes later travelling south until it also disappears out of nowhere.I then notices a full light flashing and heading south. within a few minutes, a triangular/boomerang shape object, misty white like flies over us a few hundred feet over at a steady moderate speed heading south and disappearing within 5 seconds of flight. just talking about it over and over gave me chills as i have never seen such a thing.Thereafter, as we continued laying there, another ball of light travelled south at high speed. withing and few more minutes, an orange ball flashed and also travelling at high such speed disappeared going west. as we kept staring at the sky, in awe and unbelief of what we were seeing, my wife caught what seemed like a black arrow tip travel east at at high speed and higher elevation, darker than the sky. there is no moon in the sky.

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