UFO Sighting in Brighton, England on 2008-10-28 00:00:00 – It was a green light moving back and fourth, then dancing in a circle.

Me, my brother and cousin were at my mums house. it was dark, late evening. we’ve witnessed a lot growing up. but this sighting sticks with me the most. my mum lives roughly a 10 minute walk from hollingbury golf course in brighton, uk. from the window at the top of the stairs, we had a good view of it. my brother noticed a green light moving back and fourth along the path of the golf course. there is a dew pond at the far end. it kept going to that, then back about half way. it was a green light, dancing in a circle. then it would move back to the dew pond. this went on for about 30 to 45 minutes. then it flew over to falmer, near to where brighton and hove albion’s football stadium is now. then it came back to the dew pond and carried on doing what it did before. dancing in a circular motion.

after, it flew over to the race course. the light turned red. it stopped completely for a few minutes. then shot into the sky in a diagonal line. it came back to the golf course. the whole time, me and my brother were outside on the driveway. my cousin was freaked out and stayed in the house. my mum was a sleep on the sofa because she had a migraine. if this wasn’t strange enough, on my life, it hovered above the house completely black. no lights. but it was the shape of a helicopter, no sound. me and my brother looked at it for about 5 minutes. if you put the house, or 2 houses on top, that was how high up it was. i dont have the best eyesight. but it was close enough for me to see the outline of it. then it went back to the dew pond and moving back and fourth again.

i remember being excited about what i was seeing. i tried to record it on my phone. but the cameras back then weren’t the best. i was calm throughout and weren’t scared at all. not even when it hovered above the house. but, after writing this, and no matter how many people i tell my story to. i can never remember how it dissapeared.

this isn’t the only story i have. my brother messaged me a week later to tell me it was back. my mum has stories. my friends who grew up with me on that street have stories. winter months, october to january are the most active. there is a flight path for planes over that way. but this object was above the trees on the golf course. it was not a plane, or helicopter. it was just the shape of a helicopter. the way it was moving wasn’t like anything i’ve ever seen. only on star wars. it was a clear night. i can remember a lot in great detail. my mum wanted to contact a group of ufo researchers to stay at our home to investigate. but we never found a number. my friend showed me hanger one. i’d never heard of you guys. but i’m more than happy to share this story, and others that i have with you. thanks for your time.

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