UFO Sighting in Muskegon, Michigan on 2017-08-12 22:30:00 – Bright orange/red light traveling at constsant speed when pictures of object is enlarged white light rectangle shaped

Four adults ages 50 to 74 witness a bright light traveling at a constant speed , constant elevation a total of 4 objects observed over a approximate 5 min span . they seemed to all be traveling in the same flight path and they all suddenly disappeared. they were just gone like someone turned off the lights in a house. four adults were sitting on the patio talking when i noticed this
strange light in the sky. i did not know what it was. it was a reddish orange object that looked flat moving across the sky. we continued watching and four of the objects came on the same flight path one at a time about two to three minutes apart. they flew across traveling from the west of our location in a northwest to southeast direction and suddenly disappeared. pictures were taken with a cell phone and when enlarged they appear white with a orange border rectangular shape the length is approximately three times the height. the last one when viewed thru binoculars appeared as a triangle white with an orange border all around it.

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