UFO Article: “NSA Fully Releases ‘UFOs and the IC Blind Spot’ Doc Following FOIA Request”

10 August 2017
(The UFO Trail (ufotrail.blogspot.com))
Quote from the article:
“We first explored the doc, composed at some point prior to 1979 by an unnamed author, here at The UFO Trail in the January blog post, NSA UFO Docs. Two redacted sections of the seven-page file were noted. The first section provided an example of how human response to perceived unusual phenomena can be detrimental, particularly from a military perspective. Images below show previously redacted pages on the left, with the now fully disclosed pages on the right.
Offering an example of detrimental responses, the author explained how a USAF technician ‘was engaged in first level traffic analysis and intercept processing against Soviet Bloc countries,’ when one of the countries began to report an unusual radar track. It was described as ‘a high flying fast moving object with an erratic flight pattern.’ Although identified as occasionally moving against the wind, the Bloc ‘began reporting the object as a balloon.’
‘The next Bloc nation picked up the object and continued the designation of balloon despite the erratic flight pattern, high speed, and against the wind maneuvers,’ the author continued.
It was further explained that the airman noted a variety of emotional reactions taking place among personnel within the American processing facility. Such reactions included ‘everyone was more edgy and silent than usual,’ as well as ‘aggressive and distracted responses’ to requests for clarification of some of the data.”

My comment:
The previously redacted part (the U.S. Air Force intelligence traffic intercept) of the NSA UFO document is interesting (and revealing) on four counts.

1. The U.S.Air Force intercepted two Soviet Bloc countries’ intelligence traffic and surveilled how the Soviet Bloc countries’ military or intelligence (or both) communities handled a UFO incident.
2. The psychological reaction of the U.S. Air Force personnel shows that the people in the room were fully aware that the incident was a bona fide UFO incident (not a balloon incident).
3. The NSA was previously unwilling to declassify the portion of the document that deals with the U.S. Air Force’s surveillance of the UFO incident.
4. This is without a doubt not the only UFO incident the U.S. military intelligence community has picked up while intercepting another country’s intelligence traffic.


(wikimedia.org image)

Aerial view of the National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland (wikimedia.org) (wikimedia.org image)

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