UFO Sighting in Halifax, Massachusetts on 2017-08-14 00:00:00 – Country siting

I was driving with a friend going back to the town of carver, she told me to take this odd side street which led us to a big open view of the night sky. my friend looked out the window and noticed a giant sphere like object in the sky sitting, not doing anything. we stopped for about five minutes and looked at this orb in the sky. it emitted a yellowish orange and gold light which made it look like the sun if we were up close to it. when we had first stopped we thought it was a star, but after sitting there for a while it just seemed odd as it was brighter than the northern star which is the brightest star in my hemisphere. it made us feel extremely eerie. after we left we were driving and we confronted another object in the sky. it had the similar look of a plane, but it was flying way to low to the ground and was completely silent. it had to green lights on it and one red one in the middle. it was going a speed of around 15-20 kilometers per hour.

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