UFO Sighting in Seabrook, Massachusetts on 2017-08-08 00:00:00 – Several triangle orbs that change to a pulsating crystal. circle ufos that spin red,blue.Yellow colors. several v shape formations with saucers that seem ti move when pointed at.

While looking ne towards seabrook nh i noticed kaleidescope colors in the
east that seemed out of place.I grabbed binoculars and saw a spinning saucer object just above tree line.It moved erraticly,coming towards me turning into a orb shield around it. a triangle ship appeared over the tree line hovering. you could see red and blue lights blinking on its bottom side. it then shot up behind my condo at lightspeed.I hear humming and pounding noises and pulsing humming sounds.A celestrial star shape with green in the middle turns sideways and appears 100 yards away.Ive seen these objects for 3 years.Im a former army mp.What i saw is accurate.It has affected my dreams and daily life.I have had a meeting with a celestrial being while stationed at my duty station,i will take a lie detector test.I believe i was abducted after my encounter 1989 while on duty.There are over 25 visible ones that only i seem to notice. triangle formation with a ufo at each point.Objects can be seen going up to them and the other takes off and gets replaced.I had a triangle ship hover in daylight hovering over the trees across the river.Please help.I have video and pictures.I used a hd camera with tracking software.

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