UFO Sighting in Yukon, Oklahoma on 2017-08-13 20:19:00 – Friends called 20 miles away, we witnessed orb move slowly forward(westward)simultaneously including disappearance

sunday evening and i just fed my dogs, when a friend called me from edmond about 20 miles away at 8:19pm. she asked me if i could see the bright light that she and her boyfriend were observing from their back yard as we spoke. i put my glasses on and stepped onto my north porch while still on the phone. i asked the direction to look and they said it was almost directly above them, which is to my ne. i then observed in the sky at about 70 degrees, a very bright light in the direction of their location, edmond.
at first, i thought it was venus, but it was in the wrong location. the sun had just gone down, but no stars were visible and the sky was blue. then i thought it may be a reflection of an airplane, as i have 3 small and 1 international airport within 25 miles. although the sky was clear on that half, the curvature of the earth was obstructed by an on coming storm front, and the sunlight could not pass through it.
at this point over a minute had passed as the object moved very slowly in a westward direction. the speed was too slow for conventional aircraft, it was nearly hovering, it had no flashing lights and was not on any of the regular aircraft flight paths. i continued to watch the object while talking to my 2 friends on the phone as we three witnessed the event from our dual locations.
after observing the object for approximately 5 minutes, the object started to fluctuate slightly in light intensity. the object, in all this time had not moved more than 3 degrees off origination point. a total time of over 5 minutes had passed by now, when the object started to blur slightly. over the next 20 seconds the bright object faded from view, as if it were pulling away at high speed.
the event was over at 8:25pm. i then observed the sky and discussed the object on the phone with co-witnesses for another 6 minutes.There were still no stars visible and no aircraft in the area at that time.
i live outside of town were it is relatively dark at night, and this not my first ufo sighting. on the contrary, i have seen many and i am an expert in light and photography. this one has at least 3 observers so i decided to report it.

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