UFO Sighting in Columbus, Georgia on 2014-03-19 00:00:00 – It hovered, pulsated, and steadily started to ascend

i was actually in the farthest back room in my house, or the “den.” it was late, maybe approx. 1:30 a.M , and i had been out to eat with friends for food and drinks. i have two dogs who stay primarily inside, however, they started barking at the den window as i watched t.V. and got ready for bed. when i looked towards the den window, i noticed a beam, or what i thought may be someone with a flashlight behind my privacy fence because my house does back up to about 3/4 a mile of woods, and slightly back to the left, a family/neighborhood park. agitated, i went outside to try and find the culprit, when to my surprise, there was an illuminating, glowing sphere, about six feet above my privacy fence (from the ground, the “orb” was probably 14 feet above). i watched in amazement as my dogs went stoic and didn’t take their eyes off of it, then all of a sudden it seemed like it was trying to communicate with me by glowing brighter, then dimming, almost into disappearance. i watched for minutes, then suddenly, one “orb” morphed into two! however, the original one acted as if it was the “mother load,” and stayed in front of the smaller one, trying to guide it almost. it seemed as if they were feeding off one another for energy. over a span of at least 20 minutes, they slowly, then more quickly, ascended towards the sky, and as they did you could hear them take off. i added the fact that yes, i went out with friends for food and “drinks” because had i not recorded it, the next morning i wouldn’t have believed what i had seen. the video does not lie and i assure you it is legitimate. i am the least technologically saavy person ever! just please take the time and watch the video in it’s entirety.

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