UFO Sighting in Plano, Texas on 2017-08-11 05:50:00 – I saw a green light or another dark object hit it and then it stayed there.

1. outside smoking. couldn’t sleep. noticed a green flash. looked up and saw what appeared to be two objects. went inside to get my cell phone.
came back out. only the one bright object.
wouldn’t have thought anything of it if i had not seen the green flash and saw the other object which i couldn’t tell the color of. i only have pictures of the stationary object which is probably a star or venus.
after that, i took several pictures from 5:50am until 6:37am until clouds obstructed the remaining object.
not sure what it was or is.
probably a star or venus. but i have several pictures of it.
sun rose. clouds got in the way and it was gone.
again, probably a star or venus.
i don’t know how to get the pictures on my phone on here.
but i have quite a few. my friends suggested i email this. i will feel quite silly if it was just a planet or star but it was an odd enough event that i felt compelled to tell them.
you are welcome to all of my pictures taken in sequence. you can have all of them. i only have the bright object but if i enlarge the pictures on my phone it takes on a cylindrical type shape.


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