UFO Sighting in San Angelo, Texas on 2010-09-20 03:33:00 – Lying down outside, when a white boomerang type craft flew silently overhead

I was just bored and lying down on my trampoline, i was just star gazing when a fat white boomerang (best description i can give) flew quietly overhead it had to be close because the orange glow of the street lights were reflecting off of it. i thought at first it was a huge bird or plastic bag floating in the air or maybe even a kite, but it was too late for anyone to be outside. (other than me of course) to be flying a kite plus i was in a residential area. it remained still like an aircraft, but flew with complete silence other than a slight hum it emitted. this was 7 years ago and i still wonder what it was i saw . due to occam’s razor it’s high probability that it was a government craft (i do live in a city with an air force base) but i still wonder what they were observing or what they were doing flying so low.

it was spectacular i love to think there was a pilot in there knowing i could see him..

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