UFO Sighting in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania on 2017-08-15 20:40:00 – Definite ufo.

1) i was having a cigarette out on my deck.. i usually have one as the sun is setting, or just after.

2) i was checking out the stars on this beautiful, crisp , clear august night.

3) i thought it was a star. and looked away several times, and then looked back to make sure i saw what i was seeing.

4) straight line , no sound. but solid white or yellow color…Moving from due south to north.

5) i felt dizzy after, but probably just from nerves , from seeing what i saw.

6) it finally went out of sight.

my original txt that i sent other outlets –

i live out here in the mountains (2000 feet up) , so it’s perfect for night viewing and there’s always interesting stuff out here it seems. i’ve seen meteors burn up several times.. but this was no meteor.

it was a lighted object , just as faint as some of the stars out there. but it was moving. i couldn’t believe my eyes at first, because it literally looked that far away , like it was one of the stars that are hundreds of light years away, but was moving from due south to due north. and then out of view. i got my cell-phone but the light from it was faint, and wouldn’t even come into view on there. it was definitely not a meteor or asteroid because it moved in a straight line from south to north and never was there any fainting of the the solid light. it was of the same solid color (white or yellow) the whole time. no blinking or blinking lights of any kind either. planes fly through here all the time, and this was no plane from this planet. it honestly just looked like an orb of light moving from south to north….But it was very far away it seemed. the light on the object may of been from the sun setting as well, as the sun set like an hour (or more) ago , but up that high , i could see how the sun could reflect things from that angle. there was also no sound. this was amazing and my first official ufo sighting.

you can email me back if any questions, but otherwise i prefer to remain anon.

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