UFO Sighting in Cleveland, Ohio on 2016-11-18 23:15:00 – Small (star sized) pulsating rainbow orb

I got home late and got out of my car and walked out of my garage. high up in the west (which was sraight ahead of me) i noticed a star sized orb colorfully pulsating. it was descending fast enough where i knew i needed to grab my good camera quickly in order to get a chance to get some good shots. however, it wasn’t fast enough at all to be any sort of meteor, airplane, helicopter, etc. i know of nothing of that size, pulsating very bright color, that would be that high up, but slowly come down in a straight line long enough for me to observe it over about five minutes as it lowered about 5-6 inches if i measured with a ruler right in front of me. once i got my camera, i zoomed into this orb pulsating every color of the rainbow very fast. it was so bright that i couldn’t see the shape of the object. it finally disappeared behind the house across the street from mine, then i couldn’t do anything. unfortunately, the video i got was horrible. yet, i did capture an awesome picture. i moved a bit when taking it, so there was a trail created of the object. yet, that trail allows anyone who sees it to observe the variety of color this object illuminated and just how bright it really was. this picture is a picture my phone took of the display screen of my camera and it still looks cool. i live right by a major airport, within a couple miles. i have airplanes roaring over my home constanly. this wasn’t a plane, plus it was a couple miles away, straight ahead (west), high up in the sky. you could argue it was coming in for a landing from miles away. but then it would not be descending straight down without coming closer to the airport which was a couple miles from me to my left (south). if it did land, it would have landed miles away from the airport with that behavior. also, last time i checked too, planes blink at night using two or three colors. they do not pulsate very rapidly (non-stop) between the colors of the rainbow.

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