UFO Sighting in Pollock Pines, California on 2017-08-16 21:30:00 – We were looking for meteor showers when we saw a light bright but very far, flashing and changing directions. it moved very fast.

Pollock pines ca 08/16/2017 9:30 pm
my husband and i were looking at the stars. we have a very nice view from our back deck.
i saw it first. it was a bright white flash, the size of a bright star. it got very bright and faded slowly. then in 30 seconds – 60 seconds it would flash again in a different location. this went on for about 5 minutes total. it was not going in a straight line. it was going in reverse too. before it went out of view we saw it move very fast and far. my husband is very skeptical of these things but agreed what we saw was a ufo of some kind. it was amazing to see!!

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