UFO Sighting in Westlake, Ohio on 2016-11-30 11:00:00 – Bean shaped mirrored ufo

This was the coolest thing i had ever seen. i was on my way to work and something high up in the sky caught my attention. it was tiny because of the distance it was from me but it had to have been the size of the average house and i could see it clearly. it was hovering directly above a large park. it was bean shaped. jelly bean shaped exactly. it was chrome, mirrored. there were no interruptions in the chrome. the thing was completely covered in chrome. it was truly exactly like seeing the chicago bean way up in the sky. it wasn’t curved as much as the chicago bean though. just curved a bit, like a typical jelly bean. but the resemblance to the chicago bean, almost the same shape, completely chrome, and reflective, possibly even very similar in size. the ufo i saw was very high up. it was just hovering there. then it turned just the slightest bit on its axis, catching the sun, admitting the brightest glow, then boom it was gone. it didn’t shoot off. it didn’t fade. it didn’t fall. it just disappeared. that was when i truly knew i had witnessed something spectacular.

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