UFO Sighting in Roanoke, Virginia on 2017-08-17 22:34:00 – one bright white light. pulsed white then stay dark

Around 10:34pm took my dog outside and to smoke a cigarette before i was going to go to bed. we just had a big thunderstorm move through a hour or so before so the sky was clear in all directions. as i was waiting on the dog i happened to be looking at the tail of the big dipper and noticed a very bright white light above the handle of the big dipper and noticed it flash. i was kinda taken back for a second and it flashed again this time in different spot not far from where it was at first. as the ufo continued to do this in a irregular pattern i was just stunned by what i saw. no sooner then i had seen this it moved, flashed very brightly, and then it was a huge orange slightly yellow almost like a ball/explosion very bright very pronounced. at this moment i had relized what i had just seen and tears almost came to my eyes in disbelief.I watched it morph back to a white bright light and what happened next was very unnerving. it seemed far away like a star the light faced me even though it seemed far away like when someone shines a flash light towards your direction at night ,and i felt watched as hair stood up on my neck. i called the dog down to the basement stairs and after getting us in the house ran back to the upstairs bedroom in a panic and told my wife what had happened. she could testify to me having tears in my eyes and being panicked asking her to come outside to see it for herself. we looked for about 5-7 minutes and saw nothing. we live near a airport and im very educated on almost every type of aircraft the world over.(son of a navy vet). i’m 34 years old i have always believed in life else where in the stars. ive watched all the shows t.V. and internet vids. i never thought i would ever have this type of experience and tonight was the night that as im typing this a hour later still cannot belive what ive seen with my own eyes. a part of me feels like they were watching me watch them. like the south carolina sighting.Thanks mufon i feel a little better now. i got to tell someone other than my wife who belives me.

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