UFO Sighting in West Virginia on 2017-08-04 00:00:00 – A bright yellowish-orange /white-orange “orb”, with a slow, ne to se trajectory; no faa beacon at all; disappeared after approx 45 seconds to 1 min; cloud cover not obstructive; slightly larger than a star and “noticeable” until dissipation; no noise

As this report is being filed a few weeks “after the fact”, the exact date of this reported “sighting” cannot be ascertained, at this moment, unforrtunately, although, to my best recollection, the event occurred sometime between the dates of 08/04/17 and 08/10/17, at approximately 2200 to 2300 hours (est).

the “unidentified object” first appeared to several of us, while we were standing on a back porch, socializing and occasionally observing the sky. suddenly, someone brought to out attention a large (i.E.,large star-sized), slow-moving, light-orangish “orb” in the ne sky, that seemed to have a somewhat-steady, ne to se trajectory or flight path.

the object,itself, was approximately the size of a very large star, and was positioned approximately 35 to 40 degrees above the horizon. the object displayed no faa beacon at all, nor did it have any noticeable or distinguishable structural features that we could distinguish, from our vantage point – it merely appeared to be a bright, glowing, light-orange “orb”), that did not appear to change in size, during it’s flight acorss the sky. the object did not produce any apparent noise during its flight acpath across the sky.

said object was definitely not a plane nor a flare, and continued to remain “visible” until suddenly disappearing after approx. 45 seconds to 1 min, while in the se sky. as i recall, cloud ceiling/cover was not enough of an issue to have been deleteriously obstructive to our view of this object, so it’s sudden dissapearance did surprise us all. in fact, we kept ouur eyes trained on the se skies for approximately one minute after the object’s sudden disappearance, but were never able to establish a subsequent visual on the object after that.

to reiterate, the object was a slow-moving, “light-orangish” “orb, that slightly larger than a typical star, in fact, it seemed to be somewhat close to the size of a “bolide”/large meteor, per se, although i highly doubt it was such, as there was no accompanying or simultaneous sonic boom or shock wave, heard during it’s flight, at all. nor did it appear to have been a meteor, as it did not have the typical size, shape or “flight” characteristics of one – and its flight’s duration was much longer (nearly a minute) than that of a meteor, as well.

in closing, although i, admittedly, have yet to do any extensive, online research to confirm if others around the world have reported similar sightings, “off the cuff”, i do seem to recall reading or seeing reports of at least one very similar report in the past. as to whether this object was “terrestrially-based” (e.G., military or ”black-ops”) or “extraterrestrially-based”, now appears to be “the salient question”, and that’s a question i have yet to come to any kind of firm opinion on, at this time. anyone?

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