UFO Sighting in Hampton, Virginia on 2017-08-17 20:45:00 – A red light hovered, flew left, turned blue, hovered, turned blinking white and disappeared behind my house.

I was getting in my suv to go to the store around 845 thursday night, aug. 17, 2017. a stationary red light in the dark sky caught my attention. at first i thought it might b mars but it was too bright. then i thought it might be an aircraft moving in my direction which just appeared to be stationary. langley air force base is not far away. i watched the object, puzzled. suddenly it changed color to blue and moved in front of a cloud and then hovered again. finally it turned white, switched on a strobe light and moved steadily toward my right. i got on my cell phone and called my wife to come outside and see a ufo. she was reluctant to do so but finally asserted and came outside. by that time its path took it behind my house. i ran through the house and looked at the sky behind my house, but it was obscured by tall trees. i lost sight of it. i reported the incident to a hampton police dispatcher, a reporter for the local nbc tv affiliate wavy and a reporter for the local abc affiliate, wvec. drone? you got me. living near lafb and newport news williamsburg airport, i am used to seeing and hearing aircraft regularly. i have never seen anything like this.

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