Black Triangle Sighting in Aurora, Illinois on 2016-07-31 00:00:00 – Me and two other friends witnessed a giant triangular shape with lights on each corner come over the horizon and over the houses, lost sight afterwards

Me and two of my friends were camping in one of the friend’s backyard. while we were sitting at the fire a giant blackish gray triangle with orange-white changing lights on each corner of the shape. all three of us stood to look at it as it passed over us and kept moving slowly over the rooftops until we couldn’t see it anymore. this was about three years ago but all of us remember it vividly. the only reason we noticed it was because i saw one of the lights out of the corner of my eye. either this thing was huge or really close to the ground because it seemed like each light was a few football fields apart. it was midnight so it was hard to gauge distance without light or clouds. there wasn’t any noticeable sound but we all agreed we felt a slight hum while it passed. at first the object looked like three planes flying in unison, but they were way too far apart for a normal flight and the stars were being blocked out by something. there wasn’t any extreme feelings we felt except for amazement and a bit of fear after it left.

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