UFO Sighting in Altadena, California on 2017-08-19 20:24:00 – Appeared starlike..Got larger,and brighter.Traveled east then in a flash was gone. earlier noticed a black,sphere, but thought it was a balloon.

We were at an outside concert at farnsworth park in altadena,ca. at dush i pointed out a black sphere to my friend, and said that we were being watched. at around 8:20 p.M. or so i noticed a star, but it wasnt there earlier. as i watched it seemed to get larber ,and brighter….It was very white..Ne of the amphitheater. it traveled very slowly east then got even brighter then gone!! all in a matter of seconds…I would say u der a mi ute. i didnt even have a chance to point it out to my friend! i kept searching the sky for something else the rest of the night ,but nothing.

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