UFO Sighting in Steger, Illinois on 2017-08-19 21:48:00 – I thought it was a blue star until it moved

I had just returned home from a family event and noticed a bright blue light in the sky between the trees as i was exiting my vehicle. it was a cloudless, starry night. i walked down the driveway to get an unobstructed view. i was very intrigued by the unusual sight of a blue star, which was my first impression. it was located amongst a cluster of other stars high in the night sky, but larger and more distinct. my father was nearby and i called him over to my vantage point to observe the phenomenon. we stared at it in amazement trying to figure out what it could be. as i prepared to start recording video with my phone, this “star” began moving slowly in a straight path toward the northeast, accelerated, then descended in a rapid, zigzag pattern until we lost sight of it behind the tree lines on the horizon. i went online attempting to locate any reports of this sighting by others to no avail. it was unlike anything i have ever seen before.

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