Black Triangle Sighting in Ship Bottom, New Jersey on 2017-08-20 00:00:00 – “they are hovering like stars”

They just flying up or in to a orbit. and hover not to hi . then mimic a star . another one comes firing up, glowing orange? (heat from re entry.) then like a star blue, then lights up all sorts of colors, moves any direction to a new spot for an hr maybe two. then just hovering.
i seen thousands last night. then questioned my sanity all day, there back tonight i wasn’t nuts. there over east coast (long beach island.) ship bottom , nj. seemeds like they are parking to watch the sun to come up. jocking around for best view.. stay all night. faid off and up with the sun rise almost fools one into thinking they were stars actual stars? or wtf. did i really just watch thousands of ufos all night,. ???
actually formed the big dipper constellation @ 3:30 it stalled to a hover and let the earth pass it by faiding off in to the east ( staying with the sun ??) then they all kidda started faiding off. @2 -4 am was best they were very low in the sky. lot of action theres so. there’s so many and the move around ,if you watch them for ten mins.. gets hard to comprehend what your seeing. k thanks, it’s already started to night, lot of vieo on a galaxy s6 that’s turned off. no cell service,,,

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