UFO Sighting in Kalgoorlie – Boulder, Western Australia on 1996-07-23 00:00:00 – Two large arched shape craft and 3 smaller spheres hovering silently over desert

My freind and i wittnessed 5 ufo silently hovering over a large salt lake in kambalda outback western australia ,it was a winter july morning we were checking out how much water had gone into a usually dry salt lake from the remnents of tropical cyclone bobby,there was quite a lot of water in the lake,it looked like an inland sea ,there was low level fog in certain areas surounding us,but we were above it all,veiwing the lake from a vantage point called red hill ,the time was around sun rise ,where the sun was rising my freind suddenly said whats that ,i went to look i could see to the left of the rising sun the silloette of a dark arched shaped craft motionless in the sky hovering silently ,i was litterally shocked first i felt like running but ,i was brought back to looking at it ,i then suddenly spotted another craft, the exact same size and hovering on the right side of the sun all equally spaced apart and at the same height but this second craft had 3 smaller speres all spaced equally apart aranged on a 45 degree angle ,we could see clouds passing in front of them and passing behind them they were all motionless and silent,we watched them for around 15min when this large cloud passed in front of them and they were all gone not a trace left ,that same day on the evening news were ufo sightings in north west australia a place called broome and they were reported as orange glowing speres,we didnt report what we had seen ,just only spoke to family ,a week later i noticed a bump on my neck near my ear ,like a blind pimple,my freind had one also in the exact same place which eventerly went away ,but we never did recall loosing time .It was an awsome experience and to this day i have always wondered who was operating those magnificent machines .And where they might be from true story.

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