UFO Sighting in Westport, New York on 2013-08-01 00:00:00 – Large ufo seen hovering at night in adirondack mountains with pulsating multi-colored light.

My husband and i were driving at night in the adirondack mountains in upstate new york four years ago in august. we were on route 87 and took the exit (number?) onto youngs road near the town of westport. the area was quite desolate with thick forests and mountains. the only building visible was the hilltop motel. when we were on the exit ramp, we saw a ufo in the sky beyond the motel. it was very large (about the size of a baseball field) and was hovering above the trees. it may have been descending while hovering. it had multiple flashing lights of various colors. the lights seemed to be pulsating or moving in a circular motion. it was dark so we could not see the outline of the object but, based on the lights, it seemed to be roundish or disc-like. once we got off the ramp, we were no longer able to see the ufo.

my husband and i are well-educated rational people and did not have strong opinions regarding aliens. however, we were both immediately convinced that what we saw was an alien spaceship. the only man made flying objects we know of that hover are helicopters and maybe drones but they are much smaller. a few days later we stopped at a gas station in the area and told the woman working there what we had seen. she said she was not surprised because there had been other sightings of ufos in the area. she said “there are strange things going on around here”.

i later looked at google satellite map and noticed that there appeared to be a clearance in the woods in the shape of a circle near where we had seen the ufo. there were no other buildings anywhere nearby besides the hilltop motel – just dense forest.

over the next few months we became skeptical about our initial conclusion that we had seen an alien spaceship. we decided it was probably some unusual man made aircraft.

last week we were up in that same area of new york for the first time in four years. i recognized the gas station that we had stopped at back then. i decided to go in there and i told a man working there about the ufo we saw four years ago. he told me that not only have other ufos been sighted in the area but that crop circles have been found. he even said one farmer discovered his sheep gutted and turned inside out with no incisions. i asked how he knew about all this and he said word of mouth and online duscussions. he also told me that recently the government blocked off an area in the woods. he said he did not have the guts to check this place out but that a friend of his went there and found signs stating that trespassers would be shot. the government does not usually post this type of warning unless the area is top secret. he believes the government only recently sealed off the area after the many unusual occurances were reported.

all of this information made me more convinced than ever that the ufo we saw four years ago was from another planet. my guess is the crop circles and animal mutilations were done by aliens and that our government is secretly investigating these strange activities. perhaps the aliens are visiting that part of the adirondacks because there are objects there they either need or want to study (vegetation, minerals, rocks, animals, etc). or perhaps they just feel comfortable there because it is so isolated.

i am hoping you all will investigate these reports of various unexplained occurances in that part of new york. i would love to know what you find out. thanks.

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