UFO Sighting in Wichita Falls, Texas on 2017-08-21 20:00:00 – I saw an object in the air as i did 7-27 and 8-18

I am the same person who sent in photos of 7-27 and 8-18 incidents in wichita falls, texas. i was at work again and in a building when i saw it. i began looking outside a window after 730pm. right before 8pm, i saw a bright white object beside a cloud, which looked like one of the ones photographed on 8-18, over a bigger cloud formation. i ran outside, took 2 photos and then switched my phone to video mode. i captured a little over 3 minutes of video, making a commentary a couple times. i must apologize beforehand for the quality of video, but was holding the phone bare handed with nothing to stabilize it on. as i took video, the object remained stationary and seemed to “hide” itself beside a cloud. i would have taken more video, but had to go back to work. when i did get a chance to review the clip, i saw various colors coming from what seemed to be a “typical” disc shaped object: red, yellow and greenish. i was like “this is for real” and very excited. admittedly disappointed i couldn’t hold phone more still, but saying to myself “this is the third time you have caught something in less than a month…Unbelievable !!!”

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