Black Triangle Sighting in Kitchener, Ontario on 2017-08-23 00:00:00 – Ufo mirrored my movements. i became scared and then seemed more like a plane.

At approximately 12:45am on wednesday, august 23, 2017 i was out walking my dog. i noticed a triangular object with two orange lights at the base and one white light at the tip. the lights did not flash; they were unwavering. there was also no noise coming from the object; it was silent. as i was walking, a tree obstructed by view, so i moved a few feet to the right, and the ufo seemed to mirror my movement. i then moved a few feet to the left, and again, it mirrored my movement. i moved back to the right once more, and again it mirrored my movement. the movements were very quick and sharp. this mirroring took place over the span of approximately 10 – 15 seconds. at this point, i started to panic and became very anxious. within a second or two of me becoming anxious, the ufo suddenly looked very clearly like an airplane. the lights started to blink and i heard a noise consistent with what an airplane would sound like. after this apparent change in shape, it then traveled in a straight path away from me. i eventually lost sight of it as it flew away into the distance, toward the airport (approximately 2 minutes).

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