UFO Sighting in Battle Ground, Washington on 2017-07-04 22:00:00 – 8 ufos at intervals appeared on horizon, crossed field hovered behind tree, then warp speed to the moon. different colored ufos

I was on my balcony on the 4th of july with my cousin. we saw a bright red disc shaped object appear on the horizon. it took a straight path across a field and then it hovered behind a tree for about 2 minutes before taking off at an incredible speed towards the moon. about ten minutes later the exact same thing happened with another ufo. it appeared in the same place,hovered behind the same tree and then followed the first one to the moon. third time, same thing. then a bright emerald green one appeared in the same place and followed the same path. they didn’t have lights on them they seemed to made of light. i continued to sit outside because i had a feeling that there were more of them coming. the last 4 came intermittently about 10 minutes apart and were a bright orange red color. by this time it was after 11 o’clock and the night was silent and clear..I tried to contact them in my mind and silently asked them to come closer to me. they did..Hovered in front of me for a few minutes and then warp speed to the moon. it was beautiful to see. i had seen them here before but it was my cousins first time seeing them so she was very excited….

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