UFO Sighting in Burlington, North Carolina on 2005-12-31 00:00:00 – High level object and fast (horizontally) stops, ejects smaller object, then both shot off in different directions.

1.00 am 1st january 2006 travelling back from wittering on the south-coast, on the a281, near dunsfold with a friend, both (compus mentis,) in a north-easterly direction,i suddenly spotted at high level, (being a cold frosty starry night) an amber coloured object travelling at very high speed west to east, suddenly stop, and a smaller object shot out and both objects (again at very high speeds) disappeared in opposite directions.
this all happened in 5 seconds max!
fortunately,my friend who was driving said to me “did you see that?” and my reply was absolutely!
we both concurred that was our first ufo(s) sightings and we were pretty pleased about it.

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