UFO Sighting in Kitchener, Ontario on 2017-08-23 23:25:00 – Unwavering bright-orange light – hovering and projected beam

On the early morning of august 23, 2017 at approximately 12:45am, i witnessed what i thought was a ufo (case number 86182). much later that same day (august 23, 2017) at 11:20pm, i took my dog out for a walk to see if i could spot the ufo again. i walked in the same direction that i took earlier in the day. at approximately 11:25pm, i noticed an unwavering, bright-orange light. there was no noise and it was very still (not moving). i began walking closer in the direction of the ufo (for approximately 3 minutes). as i became close, i started to get goosebumps. then, a bright, white beam of light projected from this ufo. at this point, i started to get scared. all i could think about was being abducted. then, within a few seconds, the craft flew away slowly. i tried to watch where it went but a woman came out of her house with a flashlight and it distracted me.

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