UFO Sighting in Lakewood, Colorado on 2017-08-23 00:00:00 – They were close enough to make noise but it was dead quiet. they shimmered like water on a lake, but did not glow.

Around 9 pm i took the dog outside to do her business. walking back to the apartment, i took a brief glance at the sky to find a few constellations i know and a couple of planets. i was looking southwest. i then observed the two objects. i want to say that there were two of them because they flew in such perfect synchronicity that i thought they were somehow mechanically connected? my rational brain started going over what i was seeing and trying to make sense of what i was seeing. they were not meteors, not a shooting star, not someone’s drone, not a helicopter or plane! there were no blinking lights or typical aircraft features that would suggest to me that this was a low flying plane(s). they had no wings. they did not have glowing lights, but more of a bluish-silver, metallic, shimmering effect that lit up their structures. it was like the reflection given off by water at an angle or by fiber optics. what scared me was how utterly quiet they were. they were close enough to surely give off some kind of hum or motor sound. they were dead quiet. in shape, they looked like two, long, rods or two very narrow cigars with curved ends. they moved from northeast to south, kind of southwest just past green mountain. i would also like to mention that the speed with which they moved was very unnerving. waaayyy faster than a typical familiar aircraft. and as rapidly as they appeared, they sped off towards englewood! i’ve never seen anything like that!

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