Alien Encounter in Sacramento, California on 2017-08-24 23:30:00 – Reptilian with tail ran by and sherriffs saw it and ran after it

11pm, i called security, sheriffs and apartment complex manager to report a man that looked like richard ramaeis, the night stalker dude, that was living at the apartments as a “corporate client”, as the apartment complex allows these insane people to live here now.
anyway this man walks up to my open door and leans in the house and wants to make conversation…I told him get the f out, 3 x and he ran off and around the corner to suspect apartment for the insane…After i made the calls to security, management and the sherriff, soon security came.
they said, “we had seen him before”, secondly the sheriffs came, as we were talking out in front of the building, because my dog was barking again, a big, whitish grey lizard ran by, i said, “did you see that”, the woman sheriff said, “yeah i saw it”, both the man and woman sherriff with there hands on there guns ran after it, and we rounded the corner of the apartments next door as they were going to draw there guns in a alcove, nothing was there. so we stood there and talked abit and the said, this sounds like a civil case of allowing a corporate organization to rent for the mentally deranged. the sherriff department case number was given on my request…And they left.

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