Black Triangle Sighting in Prineville, Oregon on 2017-08-20 00:00:00 – A collection of 5-6 perfectly round lights, both yellow and white that glowed brightly. hovered slowly from right to left at a slow, constant speed.

I was at the oregon eclipse festival at big summit prairie in ochoco national forest. it was my first night there, saturday night. experience happened around 1am sunday morning. about 1-2 hours earlier, i had eaten a regular dose of mushrooms that i grew at my house. i know you are probably thinking i just saw a hallucination, but hear my explanation. these were multispore mushrooms and the potency was decent but not very potent. i am very familiar with the effects of mushrooms and i know when hallucinations will occur. hallucinating on mushrooms is very obvious and theres a certain mind-fuck to the experience where everything is sort of blurry, confusing and disorienting. its not easy to have open eye visuals on mushrooms unless you really try and take a large dose. the dose i was on makes colors brighter/more vivid and music clearer and more detailed. i was on an average dose, and my peak happened to be an hour or more ago. i was in the plateau of the trip when i saw the ufo. my mind was clear, although tripping yes, i could still think clearly and i was well aware of what was happening around me. i was at the bassnectar show with thousands of people, enjoying the loud, clear music.

the event happened at around 1am at night, sort of toward the middle-end of a music set by an artist named bassnectar. i was standing near the back of the open dirt field area because there was so many people there. thousands of people. i must have been about 50ft or more from the stage. i was on the right side of the stage, near the center, looking toward the south.

first, i saw a toy drone. i noticed its tiny lights and flashing light in the front. it was obvious that it was someones toy drone. then about a minute or 2 later, i see the ufo. it was to the right, just above this beer garden vending area. it came out of the tress, hovering at an altitude, i would say about 30ft-40ft in the air. looked to be about 20-30ft long, like the size of a truck or large suv. there were 5-6 distinct lights, they were bright and perfectly round. there were only two colors, a bright light in the front like a “spot light” and 4-5 yellowish colored lights to the right on it. there could have been one yellow “spot light” and 5 white lights behind it, but im going with my first hunch of one white spot light in the front and 4-5 yellowish ones in the back. it looked like it had a triangle front and the body of it must have been some kind of pillar shape, like a rectangle. all the glowing bright lights were on the same surface, a flat surface on the ufo. the lights did not pulse or flicker, only glowed and gave off a soft outline around the round lights. the entire object looked to be about the size of a golfball from my perspective. the craft reminded me of a futuristic helicopter from sci-fi movies. but this craft wasnt a typical helicopter in how it flew and the glowing, round lights underneath its underbelly. i could not actually see the form of the craft, but from its lights underneath, it had a pillar shape with a triangle on the front of it.

the craft hovered from above the trees near the beer garden area next to the eclipse stage for a second, then slowly moved to the left right toward the stage with bassnectar playing his very loud, very bass-rich music. basically the “peak” part of the song he was playing. i could not hear any sound coming for it, or see any distortions to audio/stage lights or nothing like that. i wasnt sure if what i was seeing was real or just in my mind, so i looked around at the crowd to see their reaction. right after i noticed it hovering and moving to the left, i looked at the crowd in front of me and saw a bunch of random people suddenly stop dancing, gain attention to the sky right toward the top of the stage and look up at the ufo. there must have been many eye-witnesses. at least 10-20 people stopped dancing to look up at the glowing collection of lights right near the top part of the stage. i looked back quickly at the ufo lights again from the crowd and it was moving toward the back of the stage. it took about 3-4 seconds for the craft to hover over to back of the stage, and then it disappeared somewhere behind it. the front “spot” light of bright white light led the craft as it hovered and moved gradually. it was the “lead” light that pointed in the direction it was moving. it moved quite slowly, like 5-10mph i would say. very steady speed, no acceleration or changing speeds. constant speed the whole time. perfect flight control as it did not change altitude. i was going to take a photo, or tell my gf standing next to me what was happening, but it was too late, it was gone already. my gf did not witness the event sadly. and then that was it. never saw it again.

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