UFO Sighting in Spray, Oregon on 2017-08-21 10:10:00 – Didn’t sse the object until after reviewng eclipse photos

I am a retired navy commander with over 10,000 flight hours as pilot in command in p-3c orions and variants, hours in include +500 hours as the pic in c-130 aircraft.
referring to the two photos included here in, the object was photographed during eclipse totality. we were in a pasture near spray, or. the totality was very awe inspiring.
the object photographed was included in 2 frames photographed with a canon 40d camera with 135 mm lens. all filters had been removed from the lens, shutter speed was +100th second. aperture setting is unknown.

the object appeared in 2 frames. photo 0812 contained the object at the 6 o’clock position, 0813 (not included here did not contain the object, frame 0814 contained the object at the 11 o’clock position. positions are with respect to the sun. pictures were taken in rapid succession, maybe 1 second apart.

other photos taken after totality did have a blue lens artifact and were not included.

the 2 frames with the object have been analyzed by torrance police dept forensics dept. they believe the frames do contain an object.

this author would be very interested in your interpretation of the photos.

b. bray, cdr. usn ret.

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