UFO Sighting in Staten island New York , New York on 2016-01-23 00:00:00 – Me and my wife went camping for 5 days and woke up w lazer zipper burns on both my ankle and lookd it up and it says they do it to both ankles my wife’s is on her back please help me with this i’m petrified ty

I robert elia and linda elia went camping for 5days and after we got back we noticed that there were two like zipper lazer burns on both his ankles in the exact same spot i also had tbi traumatic brain injury
and its been over a year and the marks are still there and have not change color shape or size i also have one on rightside of my back he never believed in aliens but i do and he believes i invited them and no neither one of us remember how we could have gotten these marks he’s scared for his life weird things have been happening in our house this is not a joke thing are the attic witch i left over a few days ago was broken so i didn’t bother to close it i just looked upstairs and the light was on the door was open and the broken attic
ladder was close i’m scared for my life please call asap 6468063228

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