UFO Sighting in Waxahachie, Texas on 2017-08-21 01:12:00 – 5 pictures of light from possible craft with solar eclipes and framed with a tree on left side

I came out to check out the solar eclipes standing under the tree i noticed how errie it felt. the light from the sun seamed to burn my eye’s so standing under the tree looking up i took 6 pictures one at 1:12 second and third at 1:13 fourth at 1:15 fifth at1:16 sixth at 1:28 all phones are un-edited and time stamped accordingly! taken on a samsung note 4! looks possibly like a craft or a second eclipse 2nd sun theor? i don’t know. but reference point time stamp and the eclipes in all 6 photo’s please blow them up!
thank you
please contact my boyfriend david snow if you find these interesting his number is listed in my profile. i can’t talk when at work and work a lot of hours!
alice collins

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