UFO Sighting in Sheldon, Iowa on 2017-08-26 22:50:00 – Flashing white,red, green lights, flying in different directions zig zag across the sky

Was outside my home to go smoke a cigarette. had noticed a strange light in the sky that was flashing white, red and green lights. at first before it started flashing lights, thought maybe it was a star. saw it one night, then the next night it wasn’t there but then it was there again tonight. it was shooting in different directions diagonally really fast. it had flashing lights of red, white and green. could also see that it was going around in circles, then went back to zig zagging. while watching it, it shot out a beam of light randomly. also noticed there was a couple more of these flashing lights in the sky. while watching it, some of the times the lights would stop flashing as if it disappeared and then came back on at a higher elevation. sometimes it seemed it was getting closer and then it was going further away. i am a believer and have been my while life. my reaction when i saw it, was like, what is that? then i had went online and saw other videos of ufo sightings and the lights and how it moved was exact to i saw. only time i would lose sight was when the lights stopped flashing for a couple seconds and then you could see it again at a higher elevation. it would go higher and lower in elevation, swaying back and forth as if it was studying or examining life on earth.

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