UFO Sighting in Ohio on 2017-08-21 00:00:00 – Objects entering atmosphere, hovering, moving vertically, purple in color, red underbelly , beam or ray all in photos and live feed!

During the eclipse my wife was taking random photos i don’t know how and we didn’t see it when we first took them! no joke!!!! we have very clear photos of ufos entering the atmosphere., hovering, moving vertically, also camera was in action mode you can see them break the atmosphere…Sounds crazy right? i guarantee you this is no joke. we have not posted any photos for exclusivity, if interested act quickly because i am relentlessly trying to move these photos for $$ i know your non profit, but i’ve been watching ufo shows for 30+ years i’m not obsessed with this stuff i’ve had doubts but not now! it’s all i think about. i am not sending photos but would be willing to meet your investigators to validate and maybe help your organization. we are from ohio usa
once again everybody i have shown these to including retired military, can’t even describe…Scary

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