UFO Sighting in Trakai, Vilnius County on 2017-08-25 01:00:00 – 30+ lights moving slowly in the sky

In august 25 around 1am me and my two friends were going home after a trip to the nearest town. sudenly in the horizon we saw a lot of lights in one location, we tough that it must be some kind of stars or some kind of astronomical event. after a 2-3min those lights were above us moving in one direction without making any sound or other strange movement. so at that moment we thought that it wasnt just random astronomical event. we also noticed that the space between light was way bigger than previously and it looked like a big spaceship of some kind, then the only logical explanation seemed ufo. it was scary and at the same time amazing to look at, we watched as those lights hovered further and now we only saw a lot of lights in one location, same as we saw them at the beggining. after a while those light dissapeared and we simply went home.

p.S sorry for bad english

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